Monthly Archives: July 2012

Final Questions.

-Why was having an internship important to you? It wasn’t a requirement for school, you werent paid, etc.
  • Having an internship was important to me in that it helped me discover what I wanted out of my college education and helped me gain experience required of many Ph. D programs. 
-What were your experiences working with people with IDD and how has is changed your perspective and future career path? 

  • My experience with people with IDD was one of the most amazing things to happen to me. I believe without this internship I would have no idea what I wanted to do with my degree, wouldn’t of gained valuable experience, and met so many amazing people. Working with the IDD community definitely changed my perspective, I’m from a small town of less than 900 people and what we were taught growing up about the community was a lot of negativity and none of the positive. Going in a knew virtually nothing except old stereotypes.

-Benefits of the supervisor/mentor relationship

  • Having a graduate student who had once (fairly recently) been in our shoes was very helpful to me. Kari provided a lot of great advice that still applied. Past internships I’ve had, the supervisor has been quite a bit older and hadn’t attended college in decades, so I couldn’t really ask about post baccalaureate advice.

-Other things that were helpful or things you liked about the internship

  • One of my favorite things about this internship was that we weren’t watched over constantly being told exactly what to do, we were given a degree of freedom while also completing set tasks assigned to all the interns which we in turn got to select which ones we personally wanted to complete.