Data Sheets and Bingo.

Today at The Center I collected data from the Walking Program. Although we have discontinued tokens in exchange for prizes, we still continue to collect data. Basically, we are now seeing if the ladies will continue to walk on their own without the tokens serving as their motivation. The data from the past two days has shown that two of the ladies continue to exceed their previous goal. In fact, the ladies have reached over 5,000 aerobic steps. The other two ladies, unfortunately have not done any aerobic steps. However, they do continue to walk approximately the same amount of steps as before, but still more than baseline.

Afterwards, I ended up in the classroom. One particular resident who has dementia has been wandering in and out of the classroom. I found her today walking in the parking lot while buses were dropping off residents. So I escorted her back to the classroom where I played Bingo with her and 6 other residents.

I also stopped by the clinic to visit the resident with down syndrome and dementia who has been in there since her hospital visit. She was eating and informed me she was busy, so I thanked her for talking to me and left.

In addition to this I also helped Kari track data from the data sheets at Willow River Farms and The Center and contact sheets from The Center. Another intern and I also placed data sheets into their binders.


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