A Game of Bingo

Today I visited with a few of the clients I don’t normally see. I went to the classroom and played bingo with 6 of the residents. I had a blast!

When I arrived at The Center, I found a resident who has recently began wandering due to her dementia. I had learned from another intern that this resident loved to play bingo. She was obsessed with the game. So I decided to try and coax her with a round of the game. As soon as I mentioned bingo she was beyond ecstatic to go back to the classroom. When  I took her back a few of her fellow classmates wanted to join in. This was the first time I would be interacting with a large group of the residents. At first I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone and assist those who needed help with their cards, but then a few of the residents started helping each other out! It was really endearing to see. At the end of the game we had a two way tie and I had to promise to bring cupcakes as their prize. The request made me giggle, as I had kept saying I didn’t have a prize but one particular resident (who did not win, by the way) insisted that I bring cupcakes for the winners. Very cute.


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