Monthly Archives: April 2012

Presenting The Walking Program.

Today Kari, I and the fellow interns gathered at University of Houston-Clear Lake and presented our findings on the walking program. I was nervous at first even though I had prepared at The Center, even presenting the poster to another intern. However, after the first thirty minutes, my nerves had calmed down. I did end up presenting to one person who asked about our poster (assisted by two fellow interns).

The experience of presenting a poster was amazing and I am very grateful for the opportunity.


UHCL Poster Presentation.

Today at The Center was all about collecting the final data that would be presented at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. After data was collected and the poster was printed, Kari presented the poster to the other interns and me. Afterwards, I was given the chance to present the poster to another intern.

At 5 pm the poster was to be presented. Kari presented the poster to the first judge so that we could see how it was done. After Kari left, I got the chance to present the poster to another member of the community who was interested in our poster.

By far, this was one of the greatest experiences that I gained while working at The Center. This presentation helped me with my public speaking, makes a nice little add on to my C.V., I got to look at other grad students research, and I got to see a grad student present a presentation. I’m very excited for the opportunities that this presentation has brought to light, such as presenting this research to a committee at The Center.