Over the past few days, the other interns have begun implementing training for Kari’s “Walking Program”. Earlier we had taught the ladies what an aerobic step was and how to do aerobic steps (walking fast for ten minutes) and where this could be done (on the track or if it’s raining in their hall). This week and last we began taking each participant to the track and walking with them. At first we walked with one individual for the entire ten minutes. The next time, we walked with the one individual for 8 minutes, and had them walk the last two alone. Next we walked 6 with and let them walk the remaning 4 on their own. We were present during the minutes they had to walk alone. Eventually, we will fade us out completely, to where we just watch them walk for ten minutes. After that, we will take them to the track and leave them there to walk alone.

So far, the training has dramatically increased aerobic walking. One participant walked for 102 minutes and did over 12,000 aerobic steps! All of the ladies accomplished aerobic steps, even the two that were not present for training last week.

I also tracked down medical information for a few residents. I wrote down what type of medication and the dosage they were given for sedation prior to dental treatment.

I also found out the diagnosis of our resident from the post, a visit by the EMT’s. As I mentioned in the previous post, she had been sent to the hospital. On Monday, they released her back to The Center, however her oxygen level decreased again and she was sent back. Her diagnosis is pleural effusion and hypoxia.


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